Wednesday, March 30, 2011

My new Home

Hey my scrapbook friends...

I have some good news to share to you. You can find me scrapbooking again.

Yes...I found a new home. I now work at The Scrapbook Store. I will be working and teaching classes there. They are very nice and welcomed me with open arms.

Sylvia has bought lots of new product and guess what????!!!!! I was able to put my input on the Tim Holtz product. It has already shipped. We've been working like mad women.

Come out and see me or the girls at the Scrapbook Store.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Hi All

Hi all my scrapbook friends...

It's your blog queen, Jennie, if you forgot my name. I know its been a few weeks now but... I have been laying in bed and not wanting to get up. I had two wonderful friends pick me up take me out and snap me out of it. I have been talking to some wonderful people that would love me to join them in their home {scrapbook store}. we are still working things out but it looks very good so I just wanted to let you know i will know more about it really soon and can't wait to get started again. Email me sometime>

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Sad but true ready to sell...

Wow we were overwhelmed with the response we received yesterday and today. It did not hit me until yesterday and looked at the line of people I have come to know and love. We have sold much more than expected in the last 2 days. There is still more to buy but we do have stuff ready to be sold.
Here is a great way to organize all your scrapbook items that you have or just bought in the last two days.
Nice and neat with paper trays and hooks.

4X8 slatboard
50 paper trays
50 pegs
paid in advance but can not be picked up until after March 13th
3X4 slatboard
20 paper trays
20 pegs
paid in advance but can not be picked up till after March 13

We are selling paper trays $3 each

2" pegs .20 each

4" pegs .25 each

6" pegs .30 each

These 4 items can be paid for now and taken with you now.