Tuesday, March 27, 2007

What Happens in Vegas...

Well...you know the rest!! I'm happy to report that I'll be heading to the city of lights (or city of sin - whichever) this weekend for my anniversary. Can I get a whoot whoot? Thanks. I promise I will have lots of fun pics to share next week. We've decided this is going to be our tradition...to go to Vegas for our anniversary! Well, it is where we met. It is where we got engaged. And it is where we got married. Not at a drive thru chapel, tho. I LOVED living and working there, but when we decided to start a family...it was not exactly the place we wanted to do it in (sorry for anyone who might be from there!). Ok...so now you know what I'M up to. What are YOU up to? Any fun plans for the week/weekend? Puddle jumping, anyone? Man...this weather is crazy. I totally love it, but I am getting a little depressed. I need bright light to keep me peppy!

Time for some sharing. How about this...

Is she not the cutest thing in her hot pink scrapbook shirt? This is Jennie O. She is one of the fabulous 911 girls and also happens to teach at the store. She is the FLOWER POWER queen. You all should look into her classes...she is very talented. She also knows how to create a mean paint can, mail box and even canvas. Really...you must come in and look at her samples. She ROCKS! And if you see her working, give her some love...a hello will do!! ( Hi Jennie )
And for some really cool layouts.
this was created by Dania. Isn't that the cutest? She loves her SPURS, too. Fun stuff!
And this one is from our customer Tammy...she loves to crop at the store when she can. She put together this layout just last weekend and then she adhered it to a 12 x 12 canvas. It's beautiful and deserves some love. Thanks for sharing Miss Tammy. **I totally love the bird, the H.S. Ghost Butterfly and big flowers**

If some of you have been in the store lately (for those of you who haven't...what are you waiting for????), you've probably seen the Zutter products. It's also known as the Bind-it-all system. So cool and probably a little intimidating. That's where I step in. Or more like I will tell you where to go to learn more. PUNCH...BIND...ENJOY. You can make your own mini books, big books, you name it. Creating Keepsakes has an online video gallery that will demonstrate exactly how this sweet little thing works. Here ya go...

(( Note: Be sure to press the very small play button on the next screen ))

If you are interested or have questions...please call the store and they will be happy to tell you more about this amazing new product.

And finally...I will leave you with a picture of my daughter, who I'd like to say takes after me!! She not only loves to draw and color for hours and hours (that was me when I was little), but she has an appreciation for beautiful flowers. This is her just a few days ago while we were out for a walk. She stopped, got down and stared and said..."look at these beautiful flowers, mommy!" Man do I have a mini-me!

Have a GRAND week...can't wait to take a few hundred pictures in Vegas! Adios my friends...

Saturday, March 24, 2007


Happy Saturday! Are you all playing along with the Where's Scrapbook 911 billboards? I hope you are...you'll be missing out if you're not!
How about a hint? Ok...this is an easy one. This billboard is somewhere very near the store. I can't say much more than that. It's somewhere on Blance, but you'll need to provide a few more details (like what it's next to or which direction, etc.).
Alright...have a great weekend. Enjoy this muggy weather. I feel like we live in Seattle or somewhere rainy like that. YUCK!

Thursday, March 22, 2007

2nd post today, my Aussie Friend, ETC.

Gosh...it must have been about 7 months ago when I stumbled upon a blog that Iwas instantly drawn to. I could just tell this girl was GOOD! I think I liked her so much because she used bright, bold colors, doodled a lot, was more artsy (when I say that I mean paint, sewing, altering, etc.). I started reading her blog faithfully (or lurking I should say). Then one day she had a RAK. I commented and told her not to put my name in the drawing since I was waaaayyyy far away. The winners would get a LO done by her. How cool. Well...you know where this is going. I was picked as one of the winners! I almost fell over. It was a first time RAK for me. She told me to send her a few pictures and I did. Within a few days...she had a layout done for me. It was posted on her blog...for everyone to see! How cool. Now...fast forward to yesterday. I open up the mailbox and find this interesting package. I studied it for quite sometime and finally realized it was from Miss Jennifer Hall, Australia. I couldn't rip it open fast enough. I just figured she wasn't going to send me the original. BUT...I now own the original. It is so beautiful and so fun to get a layout done by someone other than ME. Here it is...

Check out this amazing girl... http://jenhall.typepad.com/ Love her. I'm sure you will, too!


Alright...gotta share some work I did today...I had to use some new primas. They are addictive!

How about this SUPER COOL LAYOUT from one of our Customers. Her name is Laura Gonzalez. Some of you might know her from cropping at 911. Lovin her layout...I'm so glad she did a self-portrait page! Way to go, Laura. Thanks for sharing.

Here are a few more pics of some new product...I couldn't think about anything else besides Heidi Swapp earlier today. But of course we did get some really fun stuff from Imaginisce. Fun paper, rub-ons, corduroy covered brads (you just want to eat them up), flowers, flowers and more flowers, ribbon, bling...so much good stuff. Check it out when you go see the Heidi Swapp goods.

Gotta run...hope you all find some goodies in the next few days! Keep in touch!

P.S. I'm not a huge Hillary Duff fan, but I do like this new song of hers!
Good beat to work out to!


Give me an ... S.

Give me a ... W.

Give me an ... A.

Give me a ... P.

Give me another ... P.
What does that spell???? Yes, of course. That would be the one and only Heidi Swapp. Walk, Run, Drive, Take the Bus, Catch a Cab...whatever it takes to get into the store. This stuff won't last long. It's probably half gone by now, knowing how popular Heidi Swapp stuff is. Here's a few pics...grab a tissue to wipe the drool.

Not only that...but there is an awesome"Just For Looks" book...95 pages of all Heidi Swapp Layouts. $9.99. Are you out of your mind? Nothing else...just major inspiration and fabulous work by HS. Oh my gosh...I'm going to take this everywhere I go.
And how about those gigantic playing cards...they've been popping up around cyberland and this is a MUST HAVE product. My recommendation, anyway!!
Also a whole lotta fun clear stamps...you're going to want them all! I better not waste anymore time typing...gotta post this NOW, so you can still get in tonight or first thing in the morning! Let me know how you girls do. I wanna here what you like, love, can't live without, etc.
P.S. I want to apologize to the girls who were planning on taking my class tonight. SO SORRY!! Hope I will see you next month. We'll have some fun, I promise!

Tuesday, March 20, 2007


I'm baaaaaaccccccckkkkkkk.

Told you it woudn't be long. I can't get enough of this. I think I might need therapy soon.

Ok...who wants to play a fun little game? And have a chance at winning a RAK? I wanna hear from ALL of you this time. Of course if you don't like free stuff, then you don't have to play. I'm not going to twist any arms...but I encourage you to play along. Let's have some fun.

Here's the deal...remember Where's Waldo?? We're doing our own version of Where's Waldo. This RAK is all about finding the most "Waldo's".

Scrapbook 911 just started advertising in San Antonio via BILLBOARDS. You're mission is to find as many Scrapbook 911 Billboards as possible. Here is where you need to be VERY SPECIFIC. We will need the location (ie: intersection, road, next to such and such building, etc.). This is necessary in case of a tie. The person with the highest number of billboards spotted will be the lucky RAK winner of one of these...

AMM won't let me right click to copy a picture of the tote. If you've been to the store, more than likely you've seen them (and you might already own one). You get to pick which size and color you want. Yippee! I love my tote and use it for everything. This is so cool.

Finally...in order to let us know what you've seen and how many, you'll have to email us here...

so that nobody can see your answers and cheat!! You have until the end of the month. That is Saturday, March 31st (my wedding anniversary!!). You can email everyday or keep track and do it all at the end of the month. Good Luck and please DO NOT CRASH while watching out for the billboards!
Look at what I've picked up recently...

Love love love me some rick rack. And who doesn't like felt flowers?!?! I like that the bling is already on em. This stuff gets me really pumped up for SPRING!! And how about this super darling skirt...of course it's for a little girl and not made in big girl sizes! I bought it off of ETSY. This girl that I've been following for some time now just started selling her homemade creations. I want to be her someday.

I also got around to buying some yummy papers and embellies from the new SIGNATURE LIFE. Some of you have already gotten your hands on this new line...good for you. Now I wanna see what you make with it!! Please! I'll share if you share :-)

Oh...one more thing. Have you all seen this sample yet???
This is what you're making if you take Jennifer Stewart's class. Gorgeous, eh? Had to throw in a little canadian for fun! It is precious and we can't wait to have her teach in April.
Thanks and good night...

Monday, March 19, 2007

I missed you!

Yes...it feels like forever since I've posted. I couldn't wait to get back on this thing. So glad to be back and hanging out in my jammies. Well, for today anyway. We have nothing on our schedule and it is cloudy/rainy out, so why not make it a chill out day?! Whenever I take a trip, I always seem to need a day or two to unwind and get back to normal.

How are YOU? What have you all been up to? I hope you're all well! I love that I am making friends through this thing called a BLOG. If you're not doing it yet, you might want to try it. Or at least read others blogs. It is amazing what you can get out of this. I am lovin it. I really couldn't wait to start blogging again after my trip.

First off, I want to share a few pics of the beautiful Dallas Arboretum. IF you ever get up there...try to go. We went back in October and they had the huge pumpkin patch and so many wonderful fall flowers. Now they have all of the gorgeous spring flowers. It was so inspiring. Here's just a glimpse...

Fun stuff, huh? I love the vibrant colors! It gets me so excited for spring and Easter.

I also got to attend the Friday night crop at a cute place called Scrapbook Pad (formerly known as the Scrapbook Warehouse) in Colleyville. The store is very nice with lots of space and a big crop room. The ladies there were very warm and friendly and although I didn't know a soul, I enjoyed the quiet time and accomplished a few pages. I will share this one for now...

So how about a little shout out to this darling little thang...HEY DANIA!!!

Isn't she cute? She is another one of the amazing 911 girls. She is always there to assist with a big smile on her face. Really, if you don't know her by now, you should make it a point to have a little talk with her. She is one of the nicest 19 year-olds I know. Please say hi to her the next time you're in the store.

Also...be on the lookout for some great scrapbook pages from our readers/customers/regulars. I am going to get you all involved here. There is huge talent out there and you deserve to be recognized. I am still working on it, so keep watching for new stuff.

This week might be a good mail week at 911. A little birdie told me that we could be seeing some new product that we all drool over. I won't say anything else, just in case it doesn't make it. But you know me...I'll be all over it and will let you know if it arrives. And I'll try not to buy it all up, either!!

I'm going to sign off for now. You'll be hearing from me again real soon, tho!

Hey...I added an email option over on the sidebar. KEEP IN TOUCH! If you want to get ahold of me or send me some of your layouts...I'd love to hear from you.

Keep on Scrappin...

Monday, March 12, 2007

Mighty Thunder...

WOW...that was quite a storm last night. All day Sunday it was grey and a little rainy here and there, but around 8ish we really started getting it. It was LOUD and SCAREY up here where I am (near Bulverde) and the lights were a flickering!! All through the night, too. I would wake up and feel the house shaking from the lightening that must have been right above our house! I love it tho. Cause we all know as soon as the storm passes, everything will be lush and green.

Happy Monday to y'all. I just love trying to be a Texan. You can probably still hear my NoDak accent while I say that!! And it's spring break for most of the kiddos around here. We're heading on up to BIG D (Dallas) for a few days. Looking forward to it. I plan to get around to some of the LSS's in the area and see what's going on in there stores! I love the shopping up there, too! Can't wait. It might be quiet here until I get back...I know you'll be worried about me if I don't post for a while, right??????? Anyone... anyone? Bueler... Bueler... Bueler?? I probably spelled that name wrong, but oh well.

Here's a new LO for anyone who's interested. I used some of my new Prima Flowers!! I want you all to know that I will change it up here real soon and put some other layouts up from the other talented chicas at 911. I know you're all getting sick of seeing just mine!!!!!!!!
Girls...now I like to keep you up to date on what's new in the store and I hope you've been going in when you see something you like. I did notice that A LOT of the Prima flowers are going going gone...ALMOST. Very few left. So...this is what's new in the last few days...

Daisy D's Chasing Butterflies and Beacon Hill lines and some really great rub-ons...yummy!!! Get in and see!!

And now I will leave you with my layout of the week. Did you girls take a picture of yourself yet? I did yet another LO of myself...I get on a kick and then I switch subjects. It's time to get back to my kids or maybe a few of my DH (darling husband). Enjoy your day and as always...let me know you are out there. I want to know if this is working!! Thank you to those of you who have commented...I love seeing your comments. Keep it up!!!!!


Saturday, March 10, 2007




I challenge you all to do this. I'm sure by now you've all seen this cute little thing do it


...over and over. She's a young girl who loves photography and doesn't have children yet, so she takes a ton of pics of herself, her husband and family/friends. She's the one that got me inspired. So I did it and here ya go...

If you all are like me and tend to do all of the picture taking...now is the time to turn that camera around and snap a shot of yourself. Or have someone do it for you. Or go into the bathroom, like I did in this shot above (make sure you turn the flash off)!! It's kinda crazy at first and you feel a little weird taking a picture of yourself, but just keep shooting and you'll get over it! It's all for fun. Plus you will look back at this someday and get a huge kick out of it and hopefully be glad that you did do it!!


That's all I have for you today. Just a quick little challenge over the weekend. I want to hear from you if you are brave enough to take it on. And if you are really brave, you should send me a picture or layout as proof. HA! I wonder if anyone is up for that challenge????

Friday, March 9, 2007

Panty Raid!!

Now don't get the wrong idea here...it just looks like 911 went on a panty raid.

Introducing the new PRIMA Flowers. Bra, Panties, Garters, mini jars and so much more...could it get any cuter?

Just when you thought you had enough flowers!! You might want to reconsider...you can't ignore these dandies. They are so fun and come in lots of great colors!! I will not admit how many I purchased!!

The Pizzazzill patterend cardstock is up and on display in this pretty little rack. Take a look...

In order to get a good look, you probably should go in and see for yourself. I didn't want to take 20 different pictures of all of this fun paper!! Go check it out!!!!!

Also...Miss Jana was the lucky RAK winner this month. Yeah for Jana. I got to see her in person for a few minutes and had a delightful conversation. Here she is showing off her RAK prize.

Keep watching for another RAK in the near future!!
So who is this cute girl?

Most of you know her as LAUREN. She is one of the super sweet and super friendly 911 girls. I remember her back in the day when I first started going to 911 to shop. She was soooo nice and gave me the best customer service. She is one of the reasons I decided to make 911 my second home!! If you ever need help with ANYTHING, just look for LAUREN and she'll be there for you. And if you don't need help...just say HI if you see her around. She'll appreciate it, I'm sure! (IF YOU HAPPEN TO BE READING THIS LAUREN...HELLO!!) You're doing a great job and you are the best at getting product out ~ FAST! We love that.
I'll eventually get around to introducing all of the people that work so hard in keeping 911 strong and healthy. You just have to keep checking in with me to find out more!!!
Have a fabulous weekend everyone~~~I'm out!

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

March 7th...

2003 that is. Right about now I was in the hospital starting to have some contractions. This was my first pregnancy and had no idea what was going on or about to happen. Little did I know that my life would change FOREVER. I'll spare you the details...but look at how blessed I am. Today I have a 4-year old. And she is beautiful. She is dramatic. She is a social butterfly and has the gift of gab (mostly from her Grandma Nona). She is a handful at times. She is sweet and caring. She is Lauren Olivia Price. And she is MY FIRST BORN.

Warning...what you're about to see could be harmful to the eyes!! These are scrapbook pages that were done four years ago when I first got started and had no idea what I was doing. Really...all I had for supplies were paper, stickers and markers. Laugh all you want. It won't bother me. But I wanted you to see how we all evolve. It's fun to compare our styles from even 6-months ago. The first is me right at this time - 4 years ago. The next page is right after she was born...the evening of the 7th.

Thanks for letting do a little tribute to my Lauren. On to other news...
Real quickly...I changed my music again. I have Gwen Stefani playing right now. LOVE HER! Mute if you don't.
****Have you girls signed up for the big St. Patties Day Crop? I'm not sure how many spots are left, but you need to call and find out more info. Those all-day crops are soo fun. You get so much done, meet new girls, and get tons of goodies. It is so worth it, I tell ya. PLUS, don't forget about the big sale all day, too. You have from 9 until midnight to get in and pick a gold coin. This is your chance to load up on all of the new spring product that keeps rolling in.
****And don't forget about this awesome girl... http://www.bee-noticed.com/class%20descriptions/cozy.html Jennifer Stewart. She is coming April 14th to do the Cozy Shadow Box House. We'll be getting the sample at the store on or around March 15. I know this'll be a great class, so don't hesitate...CALL 911 to reserve your spot.
****Time for me to go spoil my little princess. Enjoy this beautiful day.

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Feeling Scrappy

Hi...second post in one day. Don't know what's wrong with me, but take it while you can :-)

I changed out the LO of the Week. I know it's overdue again. I finally am feeling some MOJO as many say in the scrapbook world. Many times it comes and many times it goes! I've already done two pages today...one of my nephew playing hockey and then the LO of the Week. I had to push myself with the Hockey page. Don't do Boy layouts and don't do Sports. So this particular one is for DAWN. Hey girl! I know you don't have a pre-teen yet, but maybe someday!! I will also include the clock sample of my baby nephew (it's blue) - I never do boy pages, so here ya go!! Sorry about the glare!

This layout of myself is something that I'm really excited about. I was chosen to be on a "junior" design team for zingBOOM kit club called The Street Team. I just received my first street team package along with my normal monthly kit and I'm so excited to do some layouts for them. I'll keep you posted as to how it all unfolds!
I'll post more as my MOJO keeps working for me and not against me!! See ya.