Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Lots more product

Lots to show you today.

Here are the new Fiscars punches everyone's been waiting for. Lots of different styles.

Bobunny arrived this morning. Love the clear elements.

Graffix 45 came in last night and Tami has already made a layout for all to see.

GCD is here. Very elegant paper. I was very impressed with this line of paper.

I told you all that Best Creations came in so here it is. We have birthday paper, Easter paper, etc.

What can I say. I love this company too. They have some fun paper and embellishments. That graph rubon is fun to play with. I have already made a layout with it.

That's all for today. I'm sure that I will have more for tomorrow. We are expecting My little shoebox to come in this week.
We are also having a new class coming. It is a 2 page layout and it is all made with basic grey everything. It is a limited class and it is a different layout once a month.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Lots of new stuff this week already

The UPS and Fed Ex guys have been busy the last couple of days bringing boxes and boxes to us. It's like Christmas here at Scrapbook 911. We received in Sassafrass Lass, Paper Wizzard, Piggy Tales, and Best Creations yesterday.
Here are pictures of Sassafrass Lass. Cute papers for zoo or toddler. There are flying monkeys, giraffes, hippos etc.

Here is Piggy Tales.
There are 3 paper lines here. Love the ant paper. One whole line is glitter paper. I am a flower girl so I love the flower paper.

This on a few pieces of paper from the Best Creations lines that we received in. This glitter paper does not loose its glitter everywhere like on us. lol I didn't get a chance to take more of the Best Creations line because we couldn't get it out before I had to leave.

We also received in paper wizzard lazer cut outs. Awesome is what I would describe it. There are quite a few for disney, cruise, destinations, Vegas, etc etc.
Well Gaelynn called and wanted to know why this was not up yet so here you are. She also said that Glitz came in so off I go to take more pictures. I will talk to you friends later.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Moxie and Daisy Bucket

This shirt came in today. Thought it was quite funny. We received a few large, xlarge, and 2xlarge. We ordered 3xlarge but they were not sent.

Moxie is here. So cute. Love all the round shaped papers. The round shaped papers are doublesided so look on the other side for a different color on the other side.

We have dance, race cars, tennis, girls night out, rocket, skateboarding etc.

Moxie still. Rockstar papers, karate, and lots of embellishments to go with the paper.

Even more Moxie.
Camping, Vacations, dogs, family tree, wedding, etc.

Here we go with Daisy Bucket. Cute monster papers. Love the texture of these papers.

Check the blog often for updates on products coming in daily.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Teresa Collins

Teresa Collins

Journal It Girl, Family Matters and Document

We received 12 X 12, 8 X 8, and 6 X12(transparency) papers and a couple of embellishments.

My Minds Eye pictures

There you go. Pictures of it all out. Lots of embellishments along with all the new paper lines from My Minds Eye.

Huge display of it all.

Up close and personal.

There you have it. Penny Lane, Bloom and Grow, and Bella Bella. What you are seeing is only one side of the paper. The other side is just as nice as the front side.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Guess what?????

My Minds Eye
has arrived. There are 76 trays of paper and if we flipped them over there would have been 152 trays. Lot and lots of paper and embellishments. I didn't get a picture because 3 hours later they were still working on it and I had to leave. I work tomorrow so I will have pictures for everyone to see. We received the whole lines of everything with embellishments.
Penny Lane.....Bella Bella....Bloom and Grow
I am so in trouble. This is one of my favorite companies and Michelle ordered it all. We are having to rearrange the store everyday with new stuff. happy hump day!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Three Bugs in a Rug

Three Bugs in a Rug


These are the cutest things. There is a girl line/birthday/bird, boy line/frog, and an owl line.

They are doublesided. The other side is just as cute as the front side. Come check them out.

pictures of Reminisce

Here are pictures of Reminisce. Lots of Reminisce. I told you it was a nice collection.

Here is a picture of it all together.

Love the easter bunny and chick on these papers.

No monkeying around here.

There you go for Reminisce. Lots of the monkey paper and easter paper are jumping off the shelf. lol