Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Lots of new stuff this week already

The UPS and Fed Ex guys have been busy the last couple of days bringing boxes and boxes to us. It's like Christmas here at Scrapbook 911. We received in Sassafrass Lass, Paper Wizzard, Piggy Tales, and Best Creations yesterday.
Here are pictures of Sassafrass Lass. Cute papers for zoo or toddler. There are flying monkeys, giraffes, hippos etc.

Here is Piggy Tales.
There are 3 paper lines here. Love the ant paper. One whole line is glitter paper. I am a flower girl so I love the flower paper.

This on a few pieces of paper from the Best Creations lines that we received in. This glitter paper does not loose its glitter everywhere like on us. lol I didn't get a chance to take more of the Best Creations line because we couldn't get it out before I had to leave.

We also received in paper wizzard lazer cut outs. Awesome is what I would describe it. There are quite a few for disney, cruise, destinations, Vegas, etc etc.
Well Gaelynn called and wanted to know why this was not up yet so here you are. She also said that Glitz came in so off I go to take more pictures. I will talk to you friends later.

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