Thursday, July 31, 2008

New Poll

I have put a new poll on the blog. It is located on the bottom right side of this blog. It is about your favorite adhesive.
I feel like giving somemore things away. I have a couple of things to give away like maybe a t-shirt and something from ranger. Who knows, I may throw something else in from making memories again. Leave me a comment and I will pick a few winners on Sunday. Good Luck!

The Paper Company

The Paper Company
These are beautiful papers that are very
elegant looking. They are in our wedding isle but lots of the papers can also go with anything. There are some homemade papers. Come check them out.

The retreat is this weekend. We will be open on Friday and Saturday until 12 midnight. There has been lots of thing that have come in this week so if you are liking anything in these pictures you better get in the store before it is gone. With the retreat going on this weekend lots will be gone. Hope to see you soon.

Karen Foster

Karen Foster's new lines.
Here we have hunting, farm animals, fall, school, Christmas, and Construction.

Here is an upclose of the farm animals. Aren't they cute?
Here is an upclose of the christmas papers. So yummy!

Remenisce Halloween, Christmas, & Girl


Remenisce has done it again. Love these Halloween and Christmas papers. The Halloween paper are like halographic and the Christmas is glittery.

Remenisce Girl Papers

Molly Mac

New Molly Mac papers.
Love the vintage look they have.

Teresa Collins Bon Appetit, halloween, Christmas

Here is the new Teresa Collins Bon Appetit, Halloween and Christmas papers. They are going fast. As a matter of fact some of these are already gone. You better get in if you want any. We have retreat this weekend so lots of the new stuff will be gone.

Tami Sanders made this layout with the new Teresa Collins Halloween paper. She did an awesome job.

Angela is so in love with the Bon Appetit papers. She made a recipe mini album with the paper.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

You know you are a scrapbooker if you:

You know you are a scrapbooker if you:
1. Use cardstock to select the paint colors in your home.
2. End up with bits of paper stuck to your shoe.
3. Own a red eye pen
4. Approach every event as a scrapbook layout
5. Photograph your child in a particular outfit because it coordinates with patterned paper.
6. Look at every item in your junk drawer as a possible embellishment
7. Can spot a new paper collection immediately.
8. Think that hybrid is something other than a type of plant.
9. Carry your camera in your purse at all times.
10. Dream of an organized well stocked scrap space.

I saw this on someone else's blog and thought if was funny. I just wanted to pass it on to you. We received Karen Foster farm animals, golf, construction, hunting in on Tuesday. Angela told me that Molly and Mac came in today. She said that it was awesome. I will post pictures soon. Have a good day.

Monday, July 28, 2008

RAK winners

Are you ready for me to pick a winner?? I have 2 winners today. The first winner is just b and the second winner is lyssa. Both of you have won something from Making Memories. All you have to do is go to the store and it is in the back cabinet. I hope you enjoy. I still have several things from Making Memories and other companies to give a way. Check back and see when I will give another RAK away.

Teresa Collins is here!!

Teresa Collins is here. We just got it out on the shelf. I left my camera at home but will have pictures up soon.

We have bon

Love them all.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Monday Sketch

Monday Sketch
Here is the Monday Sketch for this week. I hope you are liking the sketch of the week each week. It sure has me scrapbooking more now. This sketch is on page 36 of the page maps book. It is a one page layout but I made it into a two page layout.
Here is my go at it. The sketch is on the second page of this layout.
Here it is up close. The picture is not that good. I needed to turn the flash off and now it is too pink.

There you go, your sketch for this week. How about you?? Do you have any suggestions as to what layout you want to see? I'm up for the challenge. Happy Monday!

RAK again

I feel like giving a RAK out again. I have a couple of things from Making Memories to give a way. I love that company. How about you??? Who would like something from Making Memories?? I will pick 2 more people tomorrow (Monday). I will also post the monday sketch tomorrow. I will be back soon.

Jenni Bowlin is in the House + Bling

Jenni Bowlin is in the House!!!
Jenni has arrived and is going fast. Here are her papers and her new crate paper ribbon. It is to die for.

Did I hear someone say Bling?! We have more bling. We also have the Prima Stamp Build a Swirl that goes with the bling. It is easy to use and is awesome. All you do is stamp your swirl and lay your bling right on top of it. It is that easy.

More Bling. Here is more Prima and Glitz.

Here is School paper, summer paper, and Disney Paper.

I was able to take a picture of one of our RAK winners. Linda Gottman (lgottman) won the paper pack with alphas. I was not there when cindyml came in to get her prize and lal is picking hers up this week sometime.

I will be giving out a few more RAKs this week. I will be posting the monday sketch soon. Have a good Sunday.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Freaky Friday Give a way

Friday Giveaway
Today is Friday (Freaky). Who would love to get a RAK from CHA?? I know i would. I feel generous today so I am not only giving one giveaway but two. Oh wait, I not only want to give two, I want to giveaway three. That is right three giveaways today. I did say today is Freaky Friday right!

I hve 2 different paper packs from SEI and a T-Shirt to giveaway. The first up is a paper pack that has some embellishments: I'm digging down at the bottom of the hat and the winner of the paper pack with embelli's goes to drum roll please: Cindylm

The second giveaway is for the SEI T-Shirt. I'm digging digging digging and the winner of the t-shirt goes to drum roll please: lal

The third giveway is for the SEI set of paper and alphabets. I'm digging and pulled out drum roll please: lgotmann

Thanks ladies for the comments. Your prizes will be at the store later today.

I still have lots to give a way. You never know when I will suprise you and give something away. I still have several t-shirts, albums, Tim's necklace I made and much much more.

I heard that Jenni Bowlin is in the house. That was fast. I will have pictures of her new stuff on the computer later this afternoon. She came out with some crate paper ribbon that is to die for. I can't wait to get to the store and check it out. Oh, don't forget that scribble scrabble is there also. We have had a hand full of companies call this week saying that their stuff is shipping. I will keep up to date on what is coming in.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Tim Holtz Idea-ology products

Technique Thursday
Quite a few of you all asked about the Tim Holtz make n take. I decided to take my make n take apart and walk you through how he had us put his products together. He is so awesome. Wished I had part of his brain. He comes up with the best projects.
Here are all the products we used in his make n take. We used his spinners, sprokets, fasteners, swivel clasps, chain, jump rings, and philosophy tags or muse tokens.

Take the philosophy tags or muse tokens and 2 of his jump rings. Open the jump rings one by one and thread them through the philosophy tags hole and close the jump rings.
Get your swivel clasp and open it. Push and then pull open. Take your philosophy tag or muse token with the jump rings and put it through the swivel clasp and close it.
Now take your spinner and fastner, sproket gears. Take the biggest sproket gear and lay the smaller sproket gear on top. Then take the spinner and lay that on top of the smaller sproket gear. Take the fastner (brad) and push through all the holes.

Now take off the jump ring from the swivel clasp and then thread your brad through the hole in the swivel clasp.

Now take the jump ring with the chain and thread it through the top of the biggest sproket gear.

Now take your ball and chain and open it and run it through either jump ring through the chain.

There you go. Finished product.

There you go. Isn't this cool??? I want to make a bracelet with all this and oh earrings. We have these products at the store for you to make. Did i do ok with this step by step?