Thursday, July 24, 2008

Tim Holtz Idea-ology products

Technique Thursday
Quite a few of you all asked about the Tim Holtz make n take. I decided to take my make n take apart and walk you through how he had us put his products together. He is so awesome. Wished I had part of his brain. He comes up with the best projects.
Here are all the products we used in his make n take. We used his spinners, sprokets, fasteners, swivel clasps, chain, jump rings, and philosophy tags or muse tokens.

Take the philosophy tags or muse tokens and 2 of his jump rings. Open the jump rings one by one and thread them through the philosophy tags hole and close the jump rings.
Get your swivel clasp and open it. Push and then pull open. Take your philosophy tag or muse token with the jump rings and put it through the swivel clasp and close it.
Now take your spinner and fastner, sproket gears. Take the biggest sproket gear and lay the smaller sproket gear on top. Then take the spinner and lay that on top of the smaller sproket gear. Take the fastner (brad) and push through all the holes.

Now take off the jump ring from the swivel clasp and then thread your brad through the hole in the swivel clasp.

Now take the jump ring with the chain and thread it through the top of the biggest sproket gear.

Now take your ball and chain and open it and run it through either jump ring through the chain.

There you go. Finished product.

There you go. Isn't this cool??? I want to make a bracelet with all this and oh earrings. We have these products at the store for you to make. Did i do ok with this step by step?


Lyssa said...

Wow how creative is that?! That's so fun.

brandi said...

Thanks for sharing!!

Robin said...

Shoot--and I was there yesterday!!! I LOVE the pieces that you used--I can't wait to get some for me!!!

Linda said...

I've seen the muse tokens in the store...loved them but didn't really have an idea on how to use them. I love the antique look of Tim's metal pieces...

Diane said...

He really does bring a "guy" slant to our crafting industry, doesn't he? This looks so cool for teenagers, both girl AND boy.

kokomogoldie said...

Wow, that is so cool! Thanks for taking it apart and showing us the how-to.