Sunday, July 6, 2008

Layout Monday Page Maps book page 18

Layout Monday!!!

Here is your layout for Monday. You can find it on page 18 in the page maps book. You can easily make this a two page layout by just doing the opposite or turn it sideways. That is your challenge this week.

Here is my layout with the sketch for this week. This was taken when there were lots of bluebonnets back in March of 2006. I took the kids to Bracken Village and saw with site and thought it was pretty. Of course my kids know me. I take my camera everywhere we go so out came the camera.

Here is Donna McEwens take on this sketch. Thank you Donna for sending me this and letting me put it on the blog. Didn't she do a great job!!!

Here is Gaelynn's take on this sketch. All of these are a bit different but started the same.

How about you???? Happy Monday

Don't forget to comment on the blog down a couple of entries and let us know what you are wanting to see us carry. I have had a couple of people say that they are having a hard time logging on to blogger. If you do just email me or the store your comment and we will put you in the drawing for the RAK.

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Lal said...

Here is my take on the sketch. I don't know how to link my pic here so here's the link to my blog :)