Saturday, July 19, 2008

Basic Grey

The new Basic Grey!!!
Basic Grey came out with 5 new lines this time around. Ambrosia, Offbeat, Eva, Granola, and Urban Prairie.
My favorite was Urban Prairie followed by Granola. THey are all great.

They are all shipping at different times so stay tuned.


puppyluver said...

rumor has it there will be a basic grey christmas too... but they arent showing it yet!

pout pout pout

Beth Warren said...

Love the new BG, wish the Urban Prairie was being released now!

Diane said...

They ALL look great!

Lisa & Penny said...

Basic Grey gets it right everytime!!! love love lovey it! lisa k

shopgirlaudi said...

BG Urban Prarie and Ambrosia are my faves!!! :)

Marcia said...

I can't wait to see the new BG!