Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Happy Hump Day

How's everyone? I'm doing fairly well today, myself!! I actually got some of my Halloween decorations up and I LOVE THEM! My girls had the best time helping me decorate, too. You all should get your Fall/Halloween decorations up soon, if you haven't already. It will make you feel so good!!

Some new arrivals for ya. Here is a new brand that is so cute. It's called Scribble Scrabble. Fun fall colors.

Another new line by GLITZ. Super cool paper and some nummy bling bling.

And some of my all time favorite stuff. Urban Lily. Isn't it gorgeous? It might not be for everyone, but it has my name written all over it!!

Also in, but no pictures to share...custom school papers!! We have:
Smithson Valley
Jo Lopez
I'm curious...

What did you think of those funny bras from the last post? I have more to share today. They are so much fun and Remember, if you see one or two or however many that you like and want to help contribute to the National Breast Cancer Foundation...come on in and vote!

Let's not forget we have a fabulous guest teacher coming all the way from Austin...okay it's not that far, but she IS fabulous!! Jennifer Stewart will be teaching her second class at 911. This Saturday, October 6th she'll be teaching this Autumn Wall Garland Class. This is spectacular. Look at it. Who wouldn't want this masterpiece hanging in their house?????

Please email or call the store if you are interested. It's this Saturday from 2-5 pm. $30 is all. You will love Jennifer...she is such a talented and sweet girl.
Hope you all have a wonderful day...catch ya later!!


Amber Risher said...

Love love love all of those new papers...darn I wish I lived close to the store...I am in sc lol those undies and bras are too cute!

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