Saturday, February 9, 2008

If you've been waiting for this...

IT'S HERE! Yes...UN-DU. The best adhesive remover around. And we have them in come on in and get em while they're hot!!
** We have Wishblades in Stock!! Hurry before they're gone gone gone!

Also... if you come in before Valentines day, you can get a Xyron 900 for only $50. The Xyron 900 usually sells for $119.99, so save $70 and get the best electronic cutting tool available.
** In need of a new chair or an additional one to have on hand? Call the store immediately, as we have a few for sale. Only $10. Yes, that means we are replacing our current crop room chairs and putting brand new ones in! YEAH! Call right away or stop in to pick one out!