Monday, June 15, 2009

Silent Auction Christmas in July

Christmas in July Silent Auction

Here are a few samples of the neat things that are going to be up for auction. Last year if you remember we had a silent auction at Christmas time, well we are going to do it again but in July. All the proceeds are going to go to the Guide Dogs of Texas. We raised lots of money for them last year and want to do it again this year. Tim Holtz has donated a book he has made for the auction. He has always generously help us out. Teresa Collins has donated the paper for the Christmas Album, Travel Album and the Halloween Album I have made. I will be putting lots more sneak peaks of the neat things our instructors and employees have made.

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puppyluver said...

oooooo I can't wait!! i won some really cool stuff that year (and got beat on some even cooler stuff) pout pout!

Thanks for a great fundraiser!