Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Thickers, Carolees Creation, Stamping Station, Bobunny oh my!

Thickers, Carolees Creation, Stamping Station, Bobunny oh my!. Boy am I tired. We received 20 boxes yesterday. We got them all put out by 3:30 pm with the help of Mike, Michelle, Dania, and myself. My muscles in my whole body hurt. Anyways, here you go, pictures of it all. There were over 100 different sheets of paper, 53 different thickers, flower soft, embellishments out the wazoo.....

This whole table was full of Thickers. You name it we got it.

Here are a few of them up close and personal.

Letterman thickers, foil thickers, little fonts, huge fonts....

We have had lots of people ask for Flower Soft. Here it is. I played with some last night. What fun I had.

Stamping Station papers and embellis.
Papers from all over the country.

Here is Bobunny. We received Christmas, Halloween, Kitchen, Flutterby, and Delilah papers and embellishments. Lots of fun papers here. We also have some cheap fun chipboard books.

Christmas and Halloween

Kitchen and Flutterby papers

Delilah papers and chipboard books

Sorry I didn't get this up sooner. I was so exhausted when I got home but it's up now. We are expecting more boxes everyday this week. We will be playing musical papers, Lord help me. lol

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