Monday, September 6, 2010


Silent Auction is now Over
Thanks to all who bid and helped support The Guide Dogs of Texas. Below are the winners.

This is our 3rd Annual Auction benefiting The Guide Dogs of Texas. Each year it has grown and we have collected more money each year for them. Thanks to you our customers. Here are most of the items up for bid:
New arrival: necklace Jennie Outterson

This is a Bobunny Canvas wall hanging. Iris Schimke

Thanks to Debby Schuh. She has generously donated this book she made for our auction. She has also signed the back of the book. Kim Brisco

This is a Christmas House Mini Album. Tanya Villarreal
This is a box made with Steampunk paper and decorated. Sherry M
This is a Remember book made with Steampunk paper. Susan Christinsen

Assorted set of 10 handmade cards. Peggy Czelusta
Assorted set of 10 handmade cards. Anna Rando

Assorted set of 10 handmade cards. Sandi Ashworth

Assorted set of 10 handmade cards. Dolly Holmes
The Red Hat Societ handmade hat. Kathy Novy

Giving Thanks 2 page layout. Judy Block

Party 2 page layout. Karen Killian

BEAUTY wall hanging. Cheryl Gotshall

Wall Hanging. Natalie Fowler

3 piece blue glass bead jewelry. Peggy Czelusta

Antique Cloisonne 3 piece jewelry set. Peggy Czelusta
2 piece pink jewelry set. Sandee McGee

Christmas Box Decor. Lori Elmer

Christmas Box Mini Album. Tanya Villarreal

Seed Pearls earrings and bracelet. Anita Cantu

Angela and I took a class with Tim Holtz. This is the tag Angela made with Tim's help. He signed it for her. She has donated it to the auction. Kwani WIlliams

Voyage mini album. Andrea Woods

Summer book made with the Punky Sprouts book. Veronica Stafford

BELIEVE word mini album. Cheryl Gotshall

BFF CD box. Natalie Fowler

Celebrate Mini Album made with Teresa COllins Celebrate line. Debbie Watson

Vintage Bird mini album. Cheryl Johnson

Canvas Maya Roads Mini Album. Maricela Hernandez

There you have it. The starting of our 3rd annual Guide Dogs of Texas Auction with all proceeds going to them. We have more items coming. Thanks for the bids and keep on bidding.


puppyluver said...

YEAH!!! i love this auction!! I cant wait to get into the store this week and check it out in preson!

Mason's Puppy Raisers said...

You all do grat work for a great cause. Whoever did the website did a good job so we can see the items clearly by enlarging them. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

thank you masons puppy raiser. we love doing this for a great cause.