Monday, February 7, 2011

Thought for Today

We had quite a big turn out this morning at Tami's Money Saving Sketches. I know that some of you, won't name any names LOL, had quite a time with this sketch she had for you. She called it her Frankenstein layout due to it being cut from her paste there, cut from there and paste here. Anyways I was surfing the web and found this on someones blog and thought I should put this up on our blog.

Our cardstock should be arriving anytime soon. It got stuck in the (insert laugh) snow in Texas somewhere. It will make it here hopefully today. We are going to start having lots of CHA boxes arriving soon also. Get ready. I've been painting the walls before all our boxes arrive to make it more like home. As my kids say,"Mom is this your scrapbook room?" It's because I used the same colors in my scrapbook room. Anita wanted to know if I was going to paint for every holiday since I painted it pink isn't it for Valentines Day. Uh, no. Just once Anita. Isn't she silly. I still have a bit more to paint but all is well.
Happy Monday everyone.

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