Thursday, June 14, 2007

I took that title from the Newsletter. Do y'all know about that? Do you look forward to it every month like I do? If it's the first of the month, I start stalking the website waiting everyday for that newsletter to come out. I love it. Ok, well I just wanted to be sure that you know about it and on the second page you can get title ideas for your pages. I am always at a loss for ideas on titles/journaling. So there ya you can get some help if you're like me.
I know I said I'd have details earlier...I'm so sorry. Thank you for stopping back to see what I was talking about!!
We want to challenge you to a Father's Day Layout contest. Yes...since the big day is on Sunday...don't tell me you forgot?! Ohhhh, you're going to be in big trouble if you don't do something!! Ok...we want you to make us a layout (1 or 2 page, whatever you feel like) for Father's Day and send us a link or picture or bring it in to the store if you have to. However we can see it to vote on it. The 911 girls will vote on their favorite layout and the winner will get a $15 gift certificate to the store. Nice, huh?
Now start your engines and get scrappin. You have until Sunday, June 24th. That's just over a week. You'll have time to take some great photos...if you have big plans this weekend! Good Luck and Happy Father's Day weekend.


Roni said...

You know I'm in! Check it out on my blog. Thanks for the challenge!

Lal said...

OH, I'm in too!! Thanks for having this challenge :)

suzanneg said...

Thanks for posting about the newsletter. I am so glad to know that you read it! :-)

Newsletter Editor

Jess said...

I'm in! Mine is on my blog!

shopgirlaudi said...

Oh, cool. Maybe I'll take a crack at this too.

Manthaanne said...

I just did one of my Father-in-law last to post it on the blog!