Thursday, August 30, 2007


to see all of the new stuff. WOW. The store is plump full of great new stuff. How about a sneak peak of some of the goodness. I will show you half now and then you'll have to come back later to see the rest. I'm such a tease, huh? Well, if you can't wait to see the rest, then just jump in your car and take a drive over to the store. Here is what you are missing right now!!
Heidi Grace, Cloud 9, Reminisce, Love Elsie, Jolee's By You, Fiskars. Did I mention Heidi Grace? Holy moly. You are gonna love looking at her stuff. There are so many pretty things. Ugh...that halloween line is so fun!!'s your sneak peak. Don't forget to check back later to see the rest!!

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