Sunday, November 11, 2007


Thanksgiving is just around the corner, so why not share some of your fondest Thanksgiving memories? Do you have a funny story from childhood? Have you gone somewhere special? Do you cook for 50 family members? How about a comment on what you are thankful for? Anything will do as long as it has something to do with Thanksgiving!!

You have one whole week to leave a comment regarding Thanksgiving and then we'll choose a winner on Monday the 19th. Come know you can do it! In a few days I'll let you know what the RAK will be. Stay tuned...


Lal said...

Okay, there are alot of things I'm thankful for this family and friends, our new home, our health...I could go on and on, but I think the thing I am MOST thankful for this year is my Faith. I am thankful that because of Miguel going away to a religious retreat back in May, we have started going to church, I started reading the Bible and our lives have gotten so much better. I am thankful to God for changing me from the inside so that my life on the outside could be better. I am thankful for finding my way back to God :)

Katie said...

When I was growing up my parents would wake up early on Thanksgiving day and spend the entire day in the kitchen cooking. My Dad was a truck driver so the holidays were pretty much the only time he was guaranteed to be home. I would follow my Dad around the kitchen like a puppy helping wherever I could. My Dad is a wonderful cook! Every year he would make homemade cornbread dressing. One of my "duties" was to break the cornbread apart in the bowl where he would mix it all together then as he would finish chopping the other ingredients I would mix them in. Now that I'm a "grown up" and I have my own family, making cornbread dressing on Thanksgiving day is something I look forward to.
I am so very thankful for my family! My wonderful, loving husband and our children. We are so very blessed to have four healthy, happy children. We have a roof over our head and we have food to eat. Thank you for the invitation so share our memories!

Happy Holidays! Katie

shopgirlaudi said...

I've had an enlightening year; learned new things about myself and I am thankful for that. I learned to have faith in myself and overcome some of my fears. I am slowing growing to be more independant. I am also thankful for my famiy; my mom and my sis and my aunt, uncle and cousins. Even though there aren't very many of us, we are close and I am thankful for that.

On Thanksgiving we alternate years between my inlaws and my mom. This year I get to spend it at my mom's and I am really happy about that. I know how important it is for my mom and how happy it makes her to have us all together will her; even though it's just me and Lal and our dh and kids.

We usually always do a movie after we eat too. We started that the first Thanksiving when dh and I first started dating.

I hope you and everyone have a wonderful Thanksgiving:)

CindyML said...

Growing up in southern Louisiana, Thanksgiving included relatives mostly from my dad's side. We would have 60+ people come. My parents would also invite people from church who might be spending the day alone. Everyone brought potluck so there was always a variety. We always had venison, red beans and rice and crawfish etouffee - in addition to the turkey. The first year my dad fried a turkey was the Thanksgiving before I got married. My soon to be DH was with us. As DH was eating the turkey, he pulled out a sliver of glass and asked if my parents were trying to kill him. It seems the thermometer broke while frying the turkey and the cooks 'thought' they had fished all the pieces out. 17 years later and we still talk about that.

I am thankful for my God who loves me and cares for me; my family and friends; my health and my freedom to live and worship in our country.

Holly said...

All of my cousins and I would spend Thanksgiving weekend at my Aunt Pat and Grandma's house. We would eat, of course, and decorate the house for Christmas. But my favorite part of Thanksgiving weekend was decorating sugar cookies. Each of us would get one, and only one, bowl of Grandma's home made frosting, to make whatever color frosting we wanted. Of course, after making 8 or 10 cookies of one color, we would get bored with the color we had, and add more food coloring to make a second color. The second color was also pretty. But by the third or fourth time we added food coloring, the frosting colors were getting pretty gross looking and, being kids, we thought it was cool to give the colors pretty gross names. But the adults never complained, and over the month of December, all of the cookies were eaten, even the gross-looking ones. They were pretty tasty cookies, after all!

karen said...

My favorite memories are spending the day as a family cooking and having fun. Growing up we would go into New York and watch the Macys day parade and then come home having hot chocolate and just being together.

Jenn said...

For as long as I can remember, we've gone to the farm where my dad grew up for Thanksgiving lunch. Dad is one of 12 kids, so you can imagine just how many people filled the house and the tables outside, especially once we grandkids got married and brought our own kids back home. . . and then they started having kids, too. It's crazy and loud and tons of fun and I would not miss a thanksgiving celebration at home for the world!

Dinner was always at Mom's side of the family, much smaller! Now we have lunch & dinner on Thursday, and dinner on Friday with the inlaws . . . lots of driving, but so fun!

I'm thankful for my family and friends, immediate, extended, and cyber!

Melanie said...

I always associate Thanksgiving with family. One Thanksgiving, however, we couldn't travel to be with family. A friend invited us to her house. She did a great job with the meal and everything, but in the back of my mind, it still wasn't the same.

This year I wanted to try to make my own Thanksgiving meal, and start my own traditions, but none of my family was going to come visit us here. We've decided that it's more important to us to be with family, so now we're going to visit them just like all the other Thanksgiving.

~Just B~ said...

I am thankful for for my family. We are so spread out this year. My sister is up north, my brother lives on an island in South Asia, my parents will be at their vacation home in New Mexico. *sigh*

I will be spending Thanksgiving with my Husband's family. (In San Antonio! I will pop in and give you ladies a warm San Angelo hello!)

I'm just thankful for my family and for how I was raised. I am blessed to be loved. I will miss the family I grew up with. BUT - - I look forward to spending the holiday with my two sweet boys, my husband and his family. Life is good.