Saturday, December 15, 2007

Are you all ready for Christmas yet? You know we're just 10 days away now?! That's not a whole lot of time left to shop, bake, attend parties and recitals, get those Christmas cards finished and mailed (I'm still trying to figure out a picture to use), etc. etc. How are you all doing with that list? I wish I could say that I've been busy checking mine off! No such luck. I guess I better drink a pot of coffee and get crackin :-)
I finished this Christmas banner, somewhat! I had been working on it for a while and even tho I feel like it is missing something or still needs some extra do-dads, I'm fed up already!'s my share the day. I also have to say that it does NOT look that great against our windows, but our fireplace has stockings hung, so there was no room for it there. It'll just have to do in the kitchen for now!! * If you click on the pic, it should enlarge it for you *

Oh and I used those Heidi Swapp playing cards again (like that Halloween banner I did). They are just perfect for banners and if you have any sitting around collecting dust...try making a banner with them!
Now this next pic is a bit embarrassing. I took a picture of my tree this year so you can see how NON-perfect I can be. I kind of decorated it backwards. I started with the ornaments, then the garland and then the lights. WOW...I don't know what I was thinking. IT looks like I didn't care what I was doing, huh? Oh well.

I encourage you all to take pictures of your holiday decorations around the house. It's a great way to remember the holidays. It seems like they go by so fast and we're usually so rushed and stressed out, that we forget to stop and enjoy the simple things. Plus you can scrapbook all of those cool pictures!!
** Have you all seen the STOCKING STUFFER IDEA PAGE ?? Click on that link and see what the staff members suggest for stocking stuffers this year. They have some awesome suggestions! I for one, have to say that if someone in particular was reading this and wanted to know what to put in my stocking...I'd say every color and flavor of the STICKLES. They really are the greatest and you can use them on EVERYTHING. **
Here's a couple of rockin blogs that I adore...
Kerry...if you read enough of her blog, you'll see that she solders! She's awesome and if you are interested in learning more...check it out!
Cathy Zielske...I'm sure you've all heard of her, but her blog is THE BEST!! You should get a good laugh out of her.


Manthaanne said...

I love your banner! I can't wait until I can unpack all my stuff and make something fun.

shopgirlaudi said...

Love the banner. I made one for a friend last week and was going to make one for me too, but still haven't gotten around to it:)

I have one gift left on my list to shop for and one gift left to make and I am done...FINALLY:)

And your tree looks great:) I see what looks like homemade ornaments on there:) I make a set every year, but still haven't done this year's yet:( I usually make some for my mom and MIL too so I better get cracking cause they usually expect them. I always do something with the kids pics on them:)

Oh, I tried your little pretzel recipe yesterday:) Thanks SO much for sharing. I am making some for my daughter to take to school for a couple of her teachers and some for hubby to take to some of his employees:)

Katie said...

Love the banner! Cute idea! All the new stuff looks great! I'm ready for the holidays...this year we're taking it more laid back than usual. No stress here! Happy Holidays! Katie