Sunday, June 8, 2008

2nd week Monday Sketch of the week

Monday Sketch
Here is the sketch for this week. This layout was fun to do. Thanks to Gina for the picture. I did the layout. Gina, Brenda, and I went to Nashville a few months ago to take some classes. After they were done we went to downtown Nashville and had some fun. If anyone knows me I have to put flowers on my layout. I used pop dots to pop them out. Click on the picture and you can make them bigger.

Is anyone up for the challenge this week? I have a layout from a customer for last weeks sketch that I will be posting soon. Happy Monday!!!!


puppyluver said...

LOVE the sketch ideas, i will so have to lift that one for me :D

thanks for the new stuff on the blog I love it!

Linsey M. said...

I'll bite. My new scraproom is almost done & I am itching to try out my new table :D

Blog looks great!

Ginajam said...

Ok...I'll play :-)

This is the first I've done anything in a while. You can see my version of the sketch on my blog...

That was fun. Looking forward to next week!!