Monday, April 27, 2009

Coming Soon Remenisce Baby papers

Coming Soon
Baby Boy and Girl Papers from Remenisce

This layout was made by one of our instructors, Tami, done with Mike and Michelle's grandaughter, Kylie. She did a fabulous job and what a beautiful baby.

it’s an adorable line with cute little patterns and designs. they are just SO sweet and SO simple, it makes them very easy to mix and match quickly. and the embellishments are pretty cute too! the shimmer papers are done in pinks and and blues; with accents that can look white or cream depending on how the light hits it. and some of the embellishments are accented in cream. sometimes, it’s hard to use a line that has just white, or just cream in it because it might not work with your photos. but when the 2 colors are both in the line, things get SO much easier! and you can still get that nice crisp “fresh baby” feel.

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