Sunday, April 19, 2009


A new product coming to our store this week. If you are unfamiliar with SMOOCH, it’s a new pearlized ink - think ink you can paint with! and it’s available in 8 lipsmacking colors! the brush makes it REALLY special though, you can really get into teeny-tiny places, it’s firm, not floppy like a regular brush, and the long handle gives great balance and makes it easy to apply!
Tami, our instructor at the store, demonstrated this technique this weekend. It was a hit. We ordered lots but lots have been spoken for so if you are interested in them please call the store and put your name down on the wait list. If you want more info on them go to Tami's blog for sample of what she has done with it.

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Linda said...

does the SMOOCH work on acrylics?

I saw the demo that Tami did and the SMOOCH is awesome! You can't believe how gorgeous the colors are and the brush is way cool!