Sunday, July 8, 2007

Having a good weekend? I sure hope so. I hope you were able to get in to the store for the big Firecracker Sale yesterday?! I just love that it was 7-7-07. Know anyone who got married? Or how about someone who had a baby??? I do. I know someone who had a baby.

HEIDI SWAPP had her 5th baby on 7-7-07. How cool is that? I love it and it looks like all went well for her. Check out her BLOG for more on that.

Here's a few more sneak peaks for ya. Remember to say something if you see anything you like. Gotta speak up or we won't know what you want!!

New from URBAN LILY:

Looking real good...
Scenic Route:

WOW! Check out the new
Rouge de Garance:

How about this yummy ROCKSTAR line from Marah Johnson for Creative Imaginations:


Sara said...

Love the Scenic Route! How great is it to have mutiple designs on one page :)

Manthaanne said...

The Rouge de Garance is awesome!

Roni said...

the urban lily california & just add color are GREAT! love that Rouge de Garance too!

Lal said...

I'm loving the Urban Lily stuff and the Rouge de Garance!