Friday, October 10, 2008



Our UPS and Fed Ex men loved us today. We received in lots of new things today and this week. Prima is one of my favorite companies. They really out did themselves this CHA. They were one of the top companies at CHA that was a really wow company. They came out with a variety of different things. We received in not only flower but glittery transparency overlays and collage transparencies. Over the top wow.

I love gems. Prima came out with some digital cds. One of the ones we received is
GEM SILHOUETTES: 20 digital stamp designs to use with our say it in crystal gems and gem swirls. It includes frams, stripes and decorative elements.
QUICK PAGE OVERLAYS: 32 quick overlays for your 12 X 12 and 6 X 6 layouts. Print them out onto your favorite paper and add your favorite embellishments.
They are fun to play with. Gaelynn will have a sample for all to see shortly.

The gems that we receive are orange, red and green. They come in squares, circles, hearts, etc.

I love me some flowers and leaves. Lots of these flowers match the paper. They actually made these flowers go with the paper. The paper collections we received in are:
Little Boo...Hello Spaceboy...Youth...Little Guy
I am in love with these papers and flowers.

They did a fab job on these. What do you think? We also received in a big bucket of flowers. WOW. I didn't get a picture I guess because I was wowing over it.
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puppyluver said...

ooooo way cool! I Love prima flowers, hard not to use them on EVERY layout! (shhh.... don't tell my boys!)