Thursday, October 2, 2008

TIm Holtz RAK give a way

Thank all of you for the comments. Drum roll please....
First up is the Tim Holtz jewelry frame.
Aprilfayintexas you have won this prize.

Next prize is a TIm Holtz necklace.
Jennifer Kretzschmar you have won the necklace.

And last but certainly not least is another Tim Holtz necklace.

Kokomogoldie you have won this necklace.

Thank you all for all your comments. Hope TIm will get the hint that we love him and want him to come to San Antonio. You rak winners: your stuff will be at the store later tonight. from your blog queen Jennie


aprilfayintexas said...

Omg, yay!!! I won something!!!

I'm so excited, thank you so much!!!

puppyluver said...

Congrats to all! I wish it were me :( drat!!

I hope Tim comes back :)

Jennifer Kretzschmar said...

Awesome! Thank you Jennie and 911.