Monday, November 3, 2008

Birthday RAK

Happy Birthday to Scrapbook 911 on Saturday!

Michelle wants us all to celebrate Scrapbook 911's birthday. She wants to give out not one, not two, but 4 RAKS. Scrapbook 911 is celebrating their 4th birthday so that is where the 4 RAKS come to play.

1) For the 1st RAK what we want you to do is make a birthday layout and bring it to the store or email it by Monday the 10th and will pick a winner.

2) For the 2nd RAK we want you to comment in the comment section and tell us what your favorite birthday memory was.

3) For the 3rd RAK we want to know how many (the most) candles you have had on one of your birthday cakes. Not how many their should be but physical candles on your cake.

4) For the 4th RAK we want you to just make a comment wishing Michelle a Happy Scrapbook 911 Birthday! or what you love about Scrapbook 911.

Let's have some fun. Don't forget to come to the store Saturday and come share our cake with us.


Donna said...

Happy Birthday Scapbook 911! The store is easily the BEST in San Antonio. The crop room is wonderful (it's so nice to have natural light coming in with all the windows!), the selection of items never disappoints, but best of all, everyone who works at the store honestly goes the extra mile to be helpful and take a genuine interest in the folks who come in. The service provided by the staff is what really puts an amazing place over the top. We're very lucky to have such a great place to nurture our creativity! Thanks 911!

rmeyfe said...

Happy Birthday to Scrapbook 911!! I love Scrapbook 911 because you are always getting in the new stuff that I really want to see and get!!

As for my own birthdays, I think the most candles on my cake ever was 25 because hubby was trying to be funny and burn the house down LOL!!!

Best birthday memory was in 2002. I turned 30 and I had a baby the week before and he ended up in the NICU for a a week and the doctors let me take him home on my birthday.

Again Happy Birthday!! Hope to see you on Saturday!!
Jen M.

natalie said...

happy birthday to you guys! you've done an excellent job at keeping the product selection ever-changing and current! and...i love the crop room!
my favorite birthday is a recent one, when i turned 29 after giving birth to my first baby 6 days before. what a delight it was! and my mother still puts as many candles as there are years on our cakes. she's forever thoughtful and has created birthdays to be oh so special!
happy birthday!

Lal said...

Okay, I'm not sure how this works! LOL Do we have to make three seperate comments for each different RAK? My birthday was just two weekends ago, so maybe I'll try to do a LO about that for the other RAK. for the favorite birthday memory. I think the best birthday I have had was last year I think. My sis and I planned a night crop at 911 and we scrapped all night and bf gave me his credit card to shop to my heart's content :)Can't get better than that! :)

I've always had the proper number of candles on my cake when I even get a cake. We always had a cake made for us when we were little ( I say "we" because I am a twin), but as grown ups, I have had to make my own cake. No one has ever made me one :( Maybe when I get a little older, I'll start cheating about how many candles I put on there, but for now, it's still okay! LOL

And last, but not least, Happy, Happy Birthday to Scrapbook 911!! I have been shopping there for as long as I can remember and I have to say that compared to another store I have shopped at which will remain nameless...LOL Scrapbook 911is tops with me as far as having the friendliest, most helpful people who love what they do and KNOW their product! I love that the most that you can ask anyone there about something and they know what you are talking about. Can't say that about other places. Scrapbook 911 is such a fun place to scrap and shop and always feels like "home"! LOL :) I wish you all many, MANY more years of continued success!! :)

puppyluver said...

Happy birthday to you happy birthday to you happy birthday dear scrapbook 91111111111111111 happy birthday to you!!!

You guys have put together the most amazing set of of ladies (and man) to ever work together. Your staff is so helpful and thoughtful. They never forget to ask about the kids, or what ever is going on in my life. They always have a wonderful attitude, and are so willing to help make the perfect layout! THANKS MICHELLE for making the best store in town! I look forward to many many more years of shopping with you!!

have a happy birthday, i'll be in for my cupcake! :)

shopgirlaudi said...

It was my birthday just recently too;) I'll try to get a LO done for that RAK.

My best birthday memory was a few years ago. My dh threw me a birthday party at the party room of a local restaurant. I got some really nice gifts too and TWO cakes:)

I'm a big cheater. On this past birthday, being my 37th, I only had one candle on my cake;) hee hee

Happy Birthday to Scrapbook 911!!! Congrats Michelle on 4 years:) I LOVE, LOVE this store. What I like's hard to say, I just LOVE this place. Everyone is super nice, there is always the best goodies. I like that the girls remember me by name when I am in there;) By far the BEST sb store in SA hands down!!! I live very close to another sb store, but I will make the drive to 911 instead. There is just no comparison:)

Benita said...

OK Here it goes! My favorite birthday has to be my 40th. My best friend gave me a surprise birthday party, but that is not the best part of it. She found many of our old friends, even ones from high school and they were able to come to the party. It was great to get together with so many people who had been a part of my life.
The most candles I ever had was 21. After that my family decided we would need to have the fire dept. standby.
Happy Birthday Scrapbook 911. What I like best about the store is of course all the great new products I find every time I shop. But the thing I really like the best is the friendliness of all the staff. Heck, today they talked me into all 12 colors of Distess Stickles. :) Didn't take much talking.

Melanie said...

Happy Scrapbook 911 Birthday, Michelle! I love your store because it's so close to where I live, and you've got the latest and greatest!

I think I've conveniently forgotten most of my birthdays, but I remember my 40th fondly. We went out to dinner with some good friends. I just remember being very content as I looked around at my good friends, my kids and husband, and looking forward to having my fourth child (I was pregnant).

I don't think I've ever had more than a couple of candles on my birthday cake ever, because my parents used to use those number candles instead of individual ones.

Once again, Happy Birthday! I hope my kids will let me take a little trip to your store on Saturday! :)

Linda said...

I think the most candles I've ever had on a cake was about 18 to 20. It was a scary sight seeing the top of the cake blazing. At my current age, I'd set off sprinkler systems and have people running up with fire extinguishers. The cake would probably have to be a full sheet cake to hold all the necessary candles.

Happy birthday SB911! Michelle and Mike you have the best scrapbooking store in town! And you have aged guys don't look a day over 2 years!!!

Much love to all of you!

Linda said...

Okay...I should have combined all my comments into one comment!

My best birthday memory was the most recent of birthdays. It happened to fall close to the weekend of the August retreat. My sister and I have birthdays just one day apart.

The weekend of the retreat found us celebrating with 5 other ladies who all had August birthdays. We shared cake, laughs, and birthday wishes. I even have a photo of all of birthday twins!

How could it get any better? Attending a retreat at the best scrapbook store in San Antonio and celebrating my birthday with my sister, my mom, dear friends, and other new friends.

Amanda said...

Happy Birthday Scrapbook 911!
I love the friendly staff and how well stocked that store stays with all the latest and greatest goodies. But what I love most of all is that you are ALWAYS open for business! Hope you stay around for another 4 x 10 years :)

Amanda Curtis

kokomogoldie said...

Happy 4th Birthday Scrapbook 911!!!

What I love about SB911 is the poeple. The people that work here and the people that scrap here. Everyone is so generous with their thoughts, ideas, time and generosity. Plus, you always get the newest and coolest stuff in stock.

My favorite birthday memory and the number of candles on my cake where the same birthday. It was when I turned the BIG 40! My family had taken me out to dinner, and when we had the cake it had 41 candles on it - 40 plus 1 to grow on. When the wait staff come to sing happy birthday they came with a fire extinguisher! Then my family and my friends had conspired to have a surprise birthday night on the town. We danced, ate, drank until dawn. It was the best!

Here's wishing you many more birthdays to come!

crazygirl said...

Happy Birthday Michelle and the entire friendly girls at Scrapbook 911.(you 2 Mikey) Your store is HEAPS(Ozzie word) above the rest. You always get the latest and greatest new things. I literally spent the last 6 months at your store and no joking...YOU guys get NEW stuff everyday. SO everyone stop by often as the awesome creative fun girls who work there WANT all the new stuff too. Don't wait till the weekend. The store and everyone one who goes there is one big happy family and will welcome a NEWBIE with open arms. All the girls who work and create for the store have different styles and YOU ARE sure to find a style that works for you...I MISS YOU ALL AND AGAIN THANKS FOR THE AWESOME GOING AWAY PARTY....Happy Birthday GIRLS!!!!!

CindyML said...

My favorite birthday memory was swimming with the dolphins on my fortieth birthday.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the 911 family. Hope there are many more to come.


CindyML said...

Candles - I think 38 was the most on a cake. It took all of us to blow that sucker out!!

Happy Birthday!


katie said...

Happy birthday Scrapbook 911! SB911 is my favorite place to shop. Y'all are always getting in new products. and your knowledgeable staff is always so helpful. Sometimes I *sneak* into the store when I am *supposed* to be at HEB down the street...hee hee!

My favorite birthday memory is actually many years of memories lumped together in one. My parents use to throw us the BEST backyard birthday POOL and trampoline parties complete with all you can eat pizza, soda, and ice cream cake (from Baskin Robbins no less). Some of the "lucky" girls would get to stay over for the night...or 2! It was tons of fun...I miss those days.

The most candles on my cake was my recent birthday - the big 30. Pool parties have now been traded in for a more relaxed night of dinner with my family and spending time with my sons. I wouldn't trade these days for anything.

Wishing you 4 more years of success. Y'all will be around forever!

PamS said...

Happy Birthday 911. Thank you for all you do to make us scrapbookers thankful that you are in business. You have wonderful and inspiring teachers for all the classes that are given. And your retreats are outstanding..from all the room we get to scrap in, to the make and takes, to all the other great scrapbookers that are attending the retreat, to the friendly and most helpful staff. I love the way that people are greeted when they walk into your store. So Happy is to many, many more birthday celebrations.

P.S. You must know that deep, deep down in your heart that it is Scrapbook 911 that I actually come to visit when I come to San Antonio. It is just a bonus to me that my sister lives in San Antonio.

scrappinKH said...

...and many more!!
Here's to you 911 for another fab year. Love your store: product selection, classes, people, and on and on.
My favorite b-day memory is when I turned 8. My Dad drove 3 1/2 hrs into town to surprise me and we went to eat at Sea Island (AKA Guppy World to our family). He gave me my very first camera that night, and I haven't stopped clicking since.

Lyssa said...

My favorite memory was when I was little. We didnt' have that much money but my mom still got me this adorable little frog that of course I still have! So it means even more to me now.

Happy birthday Scrapbook 911 & Michelle!! Hope tehre are many many more birthdays in the future!

And the most so far with candles is 24.

Lisa and Penny said...

I think the most candles ever on my cake was 25...after that, we stopped counting and would have the numbered candles. It looked like I wasn't as old. :) Lisa K

Lisa and Penny said...

Happy Scrapbook 911 birthday, Michelle! Hope it was a great day! Lisa K