Sunday, February 11, 2007

A Few Of My Favorite Layouts From CHA - PART 2

Hey everyone! I think some of you have had a chance to read the first few posts so far...thanks for stopping by! I need to send a big shout out to the girls who've said hi and made comments so far. It is SO GREAT to hear from you! I think I like this blogging thing afterall. I mean I love reading everybody elses, but wasn't sure if it was something I could do. I think I'll be o.k. Alright...on to a few more pics that I thought were cute from the show.

This first one is from the Autumn Leaves Booth. I just love the bright colors and the cute little ribbon flowers!

This is from Elsie's booth. You can just say that I'm in love with anything and everything from Elsie!! Trust will love to see this in person!

Another sweet one from Elsie's new line.

This is a shot of one of the walls at Elsie's booth.

Finally...a shot of the KI booth. I have to make a quick correction to the post before this. I gave Elsie credit for a LO that was really from KI. Sorry. You can see it here on this shot. Oops! I'll tell you now...I make many mistakes!'s late, so I'll post more later. Don't forget to check back often, as I have a lot of ideas for this blog. I think we might have a little giveaway coming up soon (a RAK for those of you experienced bloggers). Thanks for stopping by!

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Jana said...

Yay, more great layouts!! Seems you and I have VERY similiar taste! I cannot wait to get my hands on Elsie's products, so yummy.