Friday, February 23, 2007


What a week. It hasn't been too crazy, but many days I look back and wonder where my week went. It's a blur most of the time. I did manage to scrapbook about 4 pages this week. That's a lot for me - during the week anyway. How is everyone else? I want to hear from you...I see that people are visiting and lurking, but PLEASE let me know you're out there. You can be anonymous if you want. I'm just one of those girls who needs a little encouragement once and a while. I'm a big self-doubter!! Have been forever and probably will be for the rest of my life. Oh well, what am I gonna do?! I've learned to just deal with it. Or as one very funny t-shirt says...Just put on your big girl panties and deal with it! I love that.

On to business...I have to apologize again. I told you guys I make mistakes. In my last post I talked about the new flowers from Imaginisce. I put the wrong pictures up. SO SORRY. Here are some of the correct flowers...

I was in today and grabbed 5 or 6 packs. They are really fun. But they won't last too long, either

More fun stuff...these cute little things just came in a few days ago. A Ribbon Iron from Pebbles Inc.! Love it!
Also from Pebbles Inc. ...super cute Scrapbook Paints. In many fun colors. They're so mini and cute and I just had to buy half a dozen (DO NOT TELL THE HUSBAND!).

BoBunny came in, as well. Fun flowers, bright and stylish brads, beautiful paper and much much more...I don't have pics, so you must go in and see for yourself!!

AND FINALLY... BASIC GREY IS IN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The paper, the letters and stickers, the rub-ons, the fibers. It is all beautiful and I would get some before it is all gone. BG never lasts long at 911. Can't wait to create something with that yummy stuff.

Finally... a page I did today. I'm trying so hard to use more color combinations. I like to coordinate everything, so this was a challenge. Hope you like. Enjoy your weekend.


puppyluv said...

What a super cute layout!

I can't wait to see what you do with the basic grey. Do you have a favorite line yet? I so love the Scarlet's Letter

Keep on bloggin' I'm loving it!

Jana said...

What a sweet layout, Gina! I saw those cute little ribbon irons at CHA and thought that they were pretty clever. What will they come up with next?! I'm really hoping to make it in to the store this week to see all the new stuff.

Manthaanne said...

I have to go today and get some new Basic Grey!!! I love the blog but lurk most of the time. I'll try to be a "commenter" for you!

Dawn said...

Gina, I really enjoy looking at your layouts! You have such style. I'm glad scrapbook 911 finally got you to teach; it feels like I have been admiring your work for a while at crops. I really enjoyed the last freestyle class. Also, I put together the valentine's day layout kit and it was so easy - thanks for doing all the cutting and making it a breeze. I'm all signed up for your class in March and will be bringing a new friend. Please think of ways I can make your pages more "boy" friendly - because I love your style!!! Keep up the good work.