Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Something New...

Hey y'all. It's time for something new around here. How about a BLOG? I decided since I am a Blog Stocker, that 911 should also have a Blog. It's fun, it keeps you informed, you can see what's new and hot, and you can get some great ideas. Please stop by regularly, as I will be keeping this cute little site up and running. Oh, I forgot to say that this is Gina posting. I'll be you're new Blogger for the store. Some of you might know me from teaching the Freestyle Classes. I'll try and keep you in the loop on the latest and greatest. Oh and don't forget to comment (at the bottom) and let me know that you're out there, as I know that there are a lot of LURKERS like myself!! This wraps it up for the first official post...stay tuned.

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