Sunday, September 28, 2008

Garage Sale Pictures

Here are some of our transplant (aka Garage)Sale pictures. Thanks to Cindy Luster for taking pictures.
Here are our eager shoppers.

Here is Melissa Walden getting ready for our sale. Here are some of the tables full of goodies.

Here is Mike giving out all the rules.
Ding's 10:00 am time for the sale.

Here is Lauren and myself (your blog queen) eagerly waiting for all the shoppers.

Run for it....

Lots of shoppers and lots of good items for sale.

Look at the crowd. Here are some shoppers going through their bag of goodies. Our young scrapbooker.

All in a good days work!!!

I hope you enjoyed the transplant sale. We have them twice a year and they are a great success to all.


Linda said...

Love the pic of Mike and Michelle....they are so sweet together....

Donna said...

A big thanks to Mike and Michelle and all the staff at 911 who make this event possible. The Transplant Sale is just another example of the great service that 911 provides to its customers every day. We're lucky to have such this amazing store available for us.