Monday, September 15, 2008



Here are some new items that arrived today. I love these halloween papers. Some of these you don't necessarily have to use them as halloween papers. Owls are very popular right now and SEI has a paper that has owls on it. It also came with coordinating cardstock to match your printed papers.

SEI Poppy
This is a very pretty line. Lots of these papers are embossed some way or form.

One of our blog readers was in the store when this arrived. We let her go through the papers. She was not in for halloween. She wanted Christmas papers, right April. She walked out with several paper from the SEI lines that came in today. Hi April.


rmeyfe said...

I love Halloween!! I think it is my favorite holiday!! You might see me in there today as I am going to be in the area!! :)

aprilfayintexas said...

These papers are absolutely beautiful! I was looking for Christmas stuff but this paper is so fun I couldn't resist!! Thanks for letting me sneak them early Jennie!!!