Monday, September 15, 2008

Your name here Class by Debbie

Your Name Here
Do you like those cool new word books that our out? How would you like to make one with your own name or someone else's name for some one special. Well come join Debbie. (The max letters is 7 and you have 4 different color choices to pick from. )

This class is being taught on Oct 26th Sunday from 2-5 pm. The cost is $40. The class is filling up fast so I wanted to give you heads up just incase you were wanting to make one of these for someone for Christmas. It is a nice Christmas present for a grandmother, friend, teacher, etc. Call or come by and sign up. We will need the name you are wanting to do and the color scheme you want to make it with.


aprilfayintexas said...

I saw this book in person and it's gorgeous! I can't wait to take this class and I hope I get to sign up before it gets too full! Do you know how many students they are allowing in this class?

Anonymous said...

Debbie created a very clever book! Can't wait to take the class and learn her design secrets...