Tuesday, September 2, 2008


We have a winner!!
Thank you for participating in the Labor Day event. I am glad everyone had a relaxing day. Thank you for all the birthday wishes. Now onto the winner. I put everyones name in a bucket and had Lauren pull out a name. The winner is: Deborah. Deborah your RAK is at the store next time you are in. We have received word that Remenisce is on its way, Stamping Station with the new school and some new papers and embelli's from the other schools we carry, Prima is also on its way. So there are lots coming in soon. A lot of you know that Cosmo Cricket came in on Friday. I will have pictures up soon. I know lots of you are saying where is the sketch for Monday. Well, I slept most of Labor Day. I had a relaxing day so now I need to get on the ball and do one. Anyone have any suggestions? If I don't get one done this week hopefully I will have two up for next week. How does that sound?

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