Monday, August 25, 2008

Back to school they go.

Back to school the kids go. The kids were ready for school to begin. I just had to show off my kids pictures from this morning on their first day of school. Now I have to scrapbook them with the new school paper from remenisce making the grade. I want to see all your layouts from the pictures you took of your kids on the first day of school. I will post your layouts on the blog. Here is Jamie my 5th grader. Can't believe she will be in Middle school next year. She got glasses this summer.
Here is my Joshua. He is in 2nd grade already.
This is Janelle. She is a sophmore this year. Oh those teenage years. :)

Happy first day back to school.


Margaret said...

They al just grow up so Fast My Mason is in 2nd grade this year too. Hard to believe my baby is 7!
Not a baby anymore.

Scrappin' Mama said...

Bueatiful kids...Jamie looks just like you.

shopgirlaudi said...

Yesterday was our first day of school too. They grow up so fast. I spent today going through my pics from yesterday trying to decide what to scrap with them, so I'll have LOs soon:)