Thursday, August 7, 2008

Whats New

What's new at the store you ask?!

We have recently gotten in Scenic Route, Graphics 45, 7 Gypsies and Chatterbox.

Here is the new Scenic Route papers. There are 2 lines with embellishments. Love the beautiful colors on these papers.

Here is the Scenic Route Surprise papers and embellishments.

7 Gypsies and Chatterbox. 7 Gypsies is at the left and Chatterbox is at the right.

The black paper is Chatterbox and the ones to the right are 7 gypsies.

Here is Graphics 45 new line of paper.

Pink Paislies is on its way to the store. They shipped today so it will be here soon. Kaiser is also on its way. It will be here on Monday. Are you ready for new bling?? Pink Paislies has pixie sticks that are glitter. They are to die for. Cute Cute Cute. Kaiser has lots of new gems.


puppyluver said...


shopgirlaudi said...

Aaahhh!!! Is that Chatterbox Artsylicious???!!!

Ooo, I can't wait for the new Pink Paislee. I hope I don't miss it:)

Amanda said...

Thanks for the pictures and updates Jennie!

rmeyfe said...

I love being able to check in here to see what has gotten to the store!!!