Monday, August 25, 2008

Creative Imaginations

As I was leaving this afternoon to pick up the kiddos from school here came the UPS guy and the Fed Ex guy. We received some stuff from Creative Imaginations and Bazzill. Here were just a few things I was able to take pictures of before I left. I will have more pictures of this soon. First up is a haunted house that is lazer cut 12 X 12. It is awesome in person.
Next is the 12 X 12 lazer cut ghosts. They are not on pink paper. They are white but needed to put it on a piece of paper to show it off and all I had in front of me was pink. Sorry. Anyways love them.
I need to get some of these papers. These are their zoo papers but I was thinking of Animal Kingdom from Disneyworld pictures would go great with these papers. What do you think?

We also got anniversary paper, cowboy and cowgirl papers and embellishments, school papers and embellishments (to die for) and even more zoo papers. I need to get back to the store and get me some.

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