Monday, August 25, 2008

More Bra la Palooza

Here are 3 pictures of the bra la palooza melissa frances booth had. They were fantastic. This first picture won 1st place. The person who made this one had pictures hanging from the bra with ribbon of the people she knew who had passed away from cancer. She did a fabulous job on it and was breath taking.
We thought this one was cute. They took the bra and glued it in half to make a chick with cowboy boots. CUTE!!!
This one was blinged up with flowers and glitter. Pretty.
I gave you lots of inspiration for the bra la palooza. Who is up for this? I have had one email me and she is going to start on hers this weekend. How about you?


shopgirlaudi said...

The one with the pictures is so pretty:) I can't believe it's Bra La Palooza time already:)

puppyluver said...

i'm in! :) not real creative, but i'm in :)