Monday, August 25, 2008

Monday Sketch

Here is your monday sketch. I was surfing the web and found a place that does sketches once a week and stumbled upon this one and thought it would go good with my New York pictures. Hope you don't get tired of my New York layouts because I will also be working on those along with school pictures. Anyway here is the website: This is one from a previous post. Not sure when it was posted but it is on her site.

Here is my layout from this sketch. Hope you like.

Anyone up for this challenge? I know that it is not from pagemaps. I will have another one from the book next week or sooner. Is there a specific page or layout you want me to do? Let me know and I will be up for the challenge. Happy Monday.

1 comment:

puppyluver said...

I love that :) who makes the scalloped paper?